Mizuno JPX-S Golf Ball

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This expansion of Mizuno’s ball range offers something for all of you, with its softer compression helping cater for a wider range of your swing speeds.

Every aspect of the three-piece JPX-S has evolved without harming other areas, so you get speed, feel, spin, durability and great aerodynamics, with the latter coming from a 566 dimple design that boosts its carry time during its descent.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Soft compression design to suit wider range of swing speeds
  • Softer core also aids softer feel and increased initial ball speeds
  • Improved Dimple-Cluster design reduces drag for extra yards
  • Soft cover provides responsive feel around the greens

This ball feels different and performs differently to Mizuno's other balls, so contact us if you'd like to come and test it out.

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