Another happy customer reduces their handicap- August 28 2013

"Having not played golf in over 20 years, I knew after a few rounds when I joined Kingsdown GC that things were not going as planned and was lucky to break 100/110. Pulled and pushed iron shots, sliced drives, the 'shanks', fat shots, total loss of confidence in bunkers, etc - I had the lot.

After being given a new handicap of 21 for my troubles. I decided to sort this out sooner than later.

After my first lesson with Andrew, the major issue was identified and resolved. Andrew mentioned from the very start he could see I used to play a bit and said it would not take long to get down to my previous handicap of 12 and beyond with a bit of hard work and a few lessons.

Three months later (two golf lessons later), I have confidence playing from the bunker, fairway and tee. I can hit the ball straight (sometimes!) and now play with a 16 handicap. As I want to invest in my golf for the future I purchased some new clubs, of which were custom fitted by Andrew and the difference is remarkable. Having lessons and new clubs is quite a potent mixture for success."

Happy G.